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These files are from our latest Kickstarter campaign:

Yedharo Models 3D Printing Miniatures 2.0 - STL - 30mm - RPG

Permissions and conditions:

This license gives you the right to sell the 3D prints of all the miniatures in this pack. The STL file of this miniature, or a copy of this STL miniature in any format cannot be sold under ANY circumstances.
You will receive all the pre-supported STL files and chitubox files so you can edit them if necessary.
The license is only valid for 1 year from the day the files are delivered.

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- Goblin Female Unit STL

- Goblin Command Group STL

- Goblin Shaman STL

- The Battle Rabbit Riders STL

- Archer Orcs STL

- Orc Warrior STL

- Orc Command Group STL

- Savage Orc Female Unit STL

- Savage Orc Unit STL

- Savage Orc Command Group STL

- Savage Orc Female Champion V1 STL

- Savage Orc Champion V1 STL

- Savage Orc Female Champion V2 STL

- Savage Orc Champion V2 STL

- Orc Lion Hunter STL 

- Savage Orc Mounted on Beast STL



- Basic Troops STL

- Command Group STL

- Official STL

- Champion Male STL

- Champion Female STL

- General Mounted STL

- Champion Female Mounted on Beast STL


- Armored Dwarves STL

- Armored Dwarves Command Group STL

- Death Carriers STL

- Female Death Carriers STL

- Death Carriers Command Group STL

- Trollslayer STL

- Mounted Berserker STL

- Dwarf Drunk STL

- Dwarf Hero STL

- Berserker STL

- Berserker Champion STL

- Demonslayer STL

- Golem STL

- Chaos Dwarf STL

- Mounted Berserker Champion STL

- Bull Centaur STL


- Dwarf Thunderers STL

- Dwarf Thunderers Command Group STL

- Dwarf Thunderer Commander STL

- Female Dwarf Thunderer Commander STL

- Mounted Dwarf Thunderer Commander STL

- Female Golem STL

     ORC PACK:

- Goblin Unit STL

- Goblin Command Group STL

- Goblin Female Shaman STL

- Goblin Queen STL

- Orc Unit STL

- Orc Command Group STL

- Wolfriders STL

- Orc Shaman STL

- Orc Female Shaman STL

- Orc Female Boss STL

- Orc Champion STL

- Orc Female Champion STL

- Orc Queen STL

- Orc Warlord V2 STL

- Orc Queen Mounted on Beast STL

- Orc Warlord Mounted on Dragon STL

- Orc Warlord V1 STL


- Dwarf Female Standard Bearer STL

- Dwarf White Beard STL

- Dwarf Lord V2 STL

- Orc Warlord V3 STL

- Orc Queen V2 STL

- Orc Champion V2 STL


- Berserker Bust STL

- Demonslayer Bust STL

- Orc Female Champion Bust STL

- Orc Champion Bust STL

- Orc Shaman Bust STL

- Orc Female Shaman Bust STL

- Orc Female Boss Bust STL

- Orc Lion Hunter Bust STL

- Orc Warlord Bust STL

- Orc Queen Bust STL

- Goblin Bust STL

- Dragon Bust STL

- Orc Champion 1/10 STL 

- Orc Female Champion 1/10 STL 

- Demonslayer 1/10 STL 

- Berserker 1/10 STL

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