Orc Pack Late Pledge


- Content, permissions and conditions in the lower tabs.

STL files

These are the STL files from our latest Kickstarter campaign:


By purchasing this product you are accepting the conditions and permissions that are detailed below. In the download links are all the miniatures of the campaign except for a wolf rider from the orc pack and a berserker champion from the dwarf pack that are in the modeling process. We have also added almost all the orc miniatures with supports - the supported version of the miniatures were scheduled for September, but we managed to finish early and have included them. We will inform you in the updates of the Kickstarter campaign every time we include new STL files or supported versions, but the download links will always remain the same.

Orc Pack:

Goblins (10 Miniatures)

Goblin Command Group (2 Miniatures)

Goblin Female Shaman (1 Miniature)

Orc Warriors (5 Miniatures)

Orc Command Group (2 Miniatures)

Orc Female Shaman

Wolfriders (5 Miniatures)

Orc Female Champion (1 Miniature)

Orc Champion (1 Miniature)

Orc Shaman (1 Miniature)

Orc Female Boss (1 Miniature)

Goblin Queen (1 Miniature)

Orc Queen (1 Miniature)

Orc Warlord (1 Miniature)

Orc Queen Mounted on Beast  (1 Miniature)



Orc Champion Bust

Orc Female Champion Bust

Demonslayer Bust

Berserker Bust

Orc Shaman Bust

Orc Female Shaman Bust

Orc Female Boss Bust

Orc Lion Hunter Bust

Orc Warlord Bust

Orc Queen Bust



Orc Champion

Orc Female Champion





Orc Warlord Mounted on Dragon

The files and links that we provide are for you as the end user and no one else. When you download the file, you accept this agreement and the conditions in which they are stipulated - if you do not agree with them, please do not download the file.

- Yedharo Models owns the STL files. The STL files are a copyrighted work that belongs solely and exclusively to Yedharo Models.

- You can scale the files to suit your needs.

- You can print the files as many times as you want.

- You can make videos and photos of the 3D prints as well as share them or publish them on your social networks.

- The use of the files and everything derived from them is only for private use only - under no circumstances are these files or models for commercial use.

- You cannot share the link or files with anyone.

- Molds cannot be made to sell the copies of the miniatures as a whole or in part, and the use of the content in the link is for personal use only and the sale of the file, prints or reproduced copies are in violation of the user agreement

 - You cannot edit our 3D files or use them in part of them to generate new content.

- Our files or part of them cannot be used in any other project, or sales channels.

- Copyright is not transferred to the end user under any circumstances.

The content of the files and everything related to these files belong to Yedharo Models, violating intellectual property laws is prosecutable by law.

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